Workshop on Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts – toward adaptation strategies

On June 21st and 22nd the joint European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA)/BCCR workshop on Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts was held in Bergen. The purpose of this workshop was to bring together researchers working on coastal sea level changes, impacts and adaptation.

Participants at ECRA/BCCR workshop on sea level change and coastal imapct at the Nansen Center.Participants at ECRA/BCCR workshop on sea level change and coastal imapct at the Nansen Center.Day 1 was a session open for all held at NERSC with keynote speakers on the state of the art sea level projections and the impact on society, including a debate on how to improve sea level projections for the European coasts. Day 2 of the workshop was held at Hotel Neptun, with talks ranging from mean sea level and extremes, to coastal management needs and practices, and ended with a session on cross-diciplinary research.

The 34 participants ranged from oceanographers and coastal engineeers to national administration representatives and social scientists.  

The outcomes of the workshop will apart from the exchange of new science and methods, be papers with an impact focus in a special issue, a commentary about the necessary research direction, as well as a white paper to be used to further influence future funding situation for sea level and impact research. 

The ECRA Collaborative Program on Sea Level and Climate Change (led by J. Even Ø. Nilsen from NERSC/BCCR and Gianmaria Sannino from ENEA, Italy) focus on the regional aspects of sea level change, which is a challenging theme for European research and coastal management. The program aims to facilitate integration of several activities developed concerning the Atlantic and Baltic European coasts and the Mediterranean area.

The goal is the development of an integrated view of regional aspects of sea level change in Europe, in terms of observations, technological development, modeling improvements, as well as cross-disciplinary communication between sea level scientists, coastal engineers, coastal managers and stakeholders.

ECRA Sea Level Collaborative Programme



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