François Counillon

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Research Leader/Senior Researcher
+47 99351953
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Research interests

I apply, test and revisit theoretical methods in data assimilation (DA) and modeling to enhance the skill of dynamical predictions. I have worked in operational oceanography and seasonal-to-decadal predictions. My research has led the development of several major prediction systems:
1) The Norwegian Climate Prediction Model (NorCPM) addresses the problem of seasonal-to-decadal prediction; contributes to the WMO Lead Centre for Annual-to-Decadal Climate Prediction and to the CMIP6 Decadal Prediction Project (DCPP). This system is unique as it features advance ensemble DA with an isopycnal coordinate ocean model and carries strongly coupled in the ocean and sea ice component.

2) The TOPAZ system is the main marine core system for the Arctic region in Copernicus ( and the Norwegian contribution to the Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE). It is the first ocean forecasting system using strongly coupled ocean and sea ice data assimilation system and the advanced Ensemble Kalman Filter operationally.
3) The first prototype of a supermodel for Earth system modelling with connection via the ocean of MPIESM, CESM and NorESM (a paper is in preparation).
4) Several high-resolution forecasting regional systems for the Gulf of Mexico, the South China Sea and the Agulhas Region (first regional forecasting system of South Africa)

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Peer Review Publications and Books

52 total publications.

Other Publications


  1. Bertino L, Lisæter KA, Counillon FS, Keghouche I, Winther N, Parouty S. The TOPAZ monitoring and prediction system for the Atlantic. European Operational Oceanography: Present and Future, 4th EuroGOOS Conference, June 2005, Brest, France. 2005;:456-459.