Lasse H. Pettersson

Job Position: 
Research Coordinator/Senior Researcher
+47 932 23 563
Lasse Pettersson Staff Picture

Research interests

Physical oceanographer with main research expertise within monitoring of harmful algae blooms, waters quality and marine ecosystem studies. Has lead the initiation and development of the operational research and applications of ocean colour satellite EO data for monitoring of algae blooms and water quality in coastal and marine waters.

Interest in capacity building through supervision of international students and organizing international research schools in Norway and abroad for PhD and Post-docs.

Chairman of the board of Nansen Environmental Research Centre India (NERCI) in Cochin, India.


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Peer Review Publications and Books

66 total publications.


  1. Joseph AK, Menon NR, Pettersson LH. Harmful algal bloom monitoring using satellite observations. I: Winter School Structure and Functions of Marine Ecosystem. Fisheries CMFRI Lecture Note Series No.12. 2017.

Other Publications


  1. Bobylev L, Pettersson LH, Johannessen OM. Ocean applications. EURISY conference on earth observations by satellite: An opportunity for mankind in the 21th century, Dec. 5. - 6. 1994, Vienna. 1994;
  2. Sandven S, Johannessen OM, Pettersson LH, Miles M, Drottning Å. A pilot ice monitoring service using ERS-1 SAR images. In proceeding First workshop on ERS-1 pilot projects, Toledo, Spain, 22. - 24. June 1994, ESA SP-365. 1994;
  3. Johannessen OM, Sandven S, Pettersson LH, Miles M, Kloster K. ERS-1 ice monitoring of the northern sea route. proceeding First workshop on ERS-1 pilot projects, June 22. - 24., 1994, Toledo, Spain, ESA SP-365. 1994;:143-148.
  4. Pozdnyakov D, Kondratyev KY, Pettersson LH. Remote sensing of natural water quality parameters. Retrieval algorithm development and optimisation methods. In proceeding SPIE International Conference on Ocean Optics XII, 13-15 June 1994, Bergen, Norway. 1994;