Announcement: The 15th International workshop on EnKF data assimilation

The 15th International EnKF data assimilation workshop will take place May 11-13, 2020 at Hotel Vestlia Resort, Geilo, Norway.

The ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) and its many variants have been proven effective for data assimilation in large models, including those in atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic, and petroleum reservoir systems. By bringing together technical experts, practitioners, researchers and students for presentations and informal interchange of information, we aim to share research results and suggest important challenges that have yet to be addressed. More information about the 15th International EnKF workshop here 

Invited speakers:
Alberto Carrassi, University of Reading, UK.

Sarah Dance, University of Reading, UK.
Moha el Gharamti, UCAR, USA.
Brian Hunt, University of Maryland, USA.
Elias D. Niño-Ruiz, Universidad del Norte, Colombia.
Equinor ASA, Norway (TBC).


The 15th International EnKF workshop is organized by NORCE Energy in collaboration with the Nansen Center (NERSC) and Equinor ASA.

The Third “Crash Course on Data Assimilation” will be held the week before at the Nansen Center (5th - 8th May) for students who need a rapid introduction to ensemble-based data assimilation techniques. More information on the Crash Course will come later. 

Contact @ the Nansen Center; research leader Laurent Bertino.

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