Nansen Tutu Centre 10th anniversary symposium, Cape Town, South Africa: Ocean, weather and climate: Science at the service of society

In recognition of the 10th anniversary of the Nansen Tutu Centre for Marine Environment Research, we are organizing a symposium at the Breakwater lodge, situated at the waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa from 10 to 12 of March 2020. It will run in parallel with the Ocean Observation Panel for Climate meeting. The overall symposium theme is Ocean, weather and climate: Science at the service of society. Key topics will include operational oceanography; role of the ocean on climate and weather; regional marine ecosystem; air sea interaction; and Southern Ocean biogeochemistry and the CO2 cycle. There will be several invited talks followed by presentations from African students and early career scientists.  The Symposium is endorsed by CLIVAR. The plan is to waive registration fee for students

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