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New funding for forecasting of waves in sea ice

The Research Council of Norway has selected the project “Waves-in-Ice Forecasting for Arctic Operators (WIFAR)” to be funded under the PETROMAKS program from 2010.

The primary objective of WIFAR is to develop new knowledge, observations and models of sea ice waves in the Arctic Ocean. Knowledge of the behaviour of waves in sea ice is poorly known and WIFAR will lead to better understanding of the impact of these waves on operations and activities in ice-covered waters. Sea ice waves represent a severe risk for personnel, installations operating in the marginal ice zone (MIZ).

Royal Visit to Arctic Venue

Tuesday the 15th of December His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco visited the Arctic Venue, Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen. Prince Albert is known for his great engagement in Arctic matters. "This moment in history is critical, the mobilization of everybody is vital," said the Prince. Joining the Prince were fellow members of the Aspen Institute Commission on Arctic Climate Change and Director General of World Wildlife Fund.

See here for more information about the visit:

Gore - Gahr Støre report; "Melting snow and ice, a call for action"

Above links and debate is related to the below press release from the Nansen Center on December 15th:

The report prepared by the Norwegian Polar Institute after a "closed" conference in April 2009, is superficial. The authors, according to Gahr Støre are “world leading scientists”, refer to few published work and often to themselves.

– It is extremely difficult, but not impossible

says the Norwegian Minister of Environment and Development, Erik Solheim. With only to days left of the COP15, Erik Solheim, gave a briefing to the Norwegian delegation, along with the NGOs and IGOs. Solheim gave the status of the negotiations at a café in downtown Copenhagen, because of the Bella Center being closed to the NGOs from Wednesday on. He informed that the most important now is the question of what the advanced developing countries, like China. India, Brazil and Indonesia shall contribute with.

– Full stans i forhandlingene

sier Norges forhandlingsleder, Hanne Bjurstrøm i et lukket møte med de norske organisasjonene tirsdag ettermiddag. –Vi er inne i et ikke hyggelig spor her på COP15, innrømmer hun. Bjurstrøm hevder videre at det er splittelse i G77 landene og at u-land ønsker seg en Kyoto 2 avtale, men det er helt utenkelig. – Det vi trenger er en troverdig avtale på COP15. U-landene er kritiske og mener Danmark har hatt en lite synlig prosess. - Det skar seg fullstendig på mandag, da kom vi ingen vei. Det var et lite konstruktiv møte og mange er ute etter presidentskapet på COP15.

Melting snow and ice - A call for action Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore and Norway´s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Støre presented today a report on the Greenland ice sheet.

The report, consisting of almost 100 pages, emphasize that snow and ice are important components of the Earth’s climate system, and that they are particularly vulnerable to global warming.

Opening of Side Event: Arctic Venue 12th December

The COP15 side event at Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen, represents showcase for global climate change, with focus on the Arctic. The consequences of global warming are already affecting the Arctic to a great degree. Over 30 research institutions and organisations, mainly from Denmark and Norway are represented at this side event. The Nansen Center have a stand here, and will be giving lectures on Wednesday, by Research Leader Lasse Pettersson and on Friday, by PhD student Helene R.

Følg med på Nansen Senterets aktiviteter i Købenfavn under COP15

Nansen Senteret er med på flere arrangementer under Arctic Venue 12.-18.desember 2009. Nordatlantens Brygge, Strandgade 91 (Metro Christianhavn)

Det vil her være en utstilling av Nansen Senteret sin forskning med fokus på "Blue Arctic" og ArticROOS ( Forskningsleder Lasse H. Pettersson og PhD stipendiat Helene Langehaug fil holde foredrag onsdag 15.12.2009 samt fredag 18.12.2009.

Åpninng av Arctiic Venue finner sted lørdag 12.12 kl 13.00 og det blir en pressebriefing søndag fra kl 15.00

The Nansen Center at COP15; -There is still a long way to go in climate modeling

says research director Stein Sandven, on a Side Event at the COP15 in Copenhagen.

The Bellona Foundation has several side events during the COP15 in Copenhagen during the conference from 7th to 18th of December. On Tuesday 8th of December research director from the Nansen Center, Stein Sandven was invited to give a talk under the title “The Most Recent Climate Research”. The other speakers were Pål Prestrud from CICERO, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research-Oslo and Robert Correll from Center for Energy and Climate Solutions.

Vacancy: Programmer position at the Mohn-Sverdrup Center

The Mohn-Sverdrup Center for Global Ocean Studies and Operational Oceanography seeks one programmer for web-dissemination of an operational ocean forecasting system.

The programmer shall supervise the operations of the TOPAZ ocean forecasting system, and to present forecasts interactively on the internet through a THREDDS/OPeNDAP client.

The programmer will work in team of young scientists, participate to the implementation of new features into a state-of-the-art system and interact with international scientific development projects.

Seminar on "Marin Monitoring using Satellite Information" 29th September

Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences (NTVA)
and The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research invites to

Seminar on
“Marin Monitoring using Satellite Information”

Tuesday 29. September 14:00 -18:00 followed by dinner

Nansen Senteret, Thormøhlensgate 47, Marineholmen, Bergen

The full agenda is found at:

Opplæring i bruk av avansert satellitt teknologi for havovervåkning

Denne uken (29/9 til 2/10) er 65 doktorgradstudenter fra Europa, Russland og Brasil samlet på VilVite i Bergen for å lære om status og framtidige muligheter innen operative bruk av satellitt data for klima- og havovervåkning.

Den Europeiske Romfartsorganisasjonen (ESA) arrangerer intensiv kurs i Bergen og Nansen senter for miljø og fjernmåling og Geofysisk Institutt, UiB er vertskap. Kurset finner sted på VilVite senteret, hvor også bruk av satellittovervåkning inngår som en del av utstillingen.

Nansen Center contributes significantly at OceanObs´09

The OceanObs conference in 1999 played a major role in forming the foundation for the comprehensive ocean observing systems implemented during the last decade facilitating systematic information about the physical environment of the worldwide oceans. The outcome of OceanObs´09 is between other manifested through the global availability of the Argo float system and extensive global efforts in ocean observation systems. This week OceanObs´09 gathers again in Venice to celebrate the last 10 years achievements and to lay the way forward in operational ocean observing systems.

Arctic sea ice minimum in 2009 reach on September 12th.

The total ice area in the Arctic reached its 2009 minimum on September 12 with approximately 4.5 mill sq. km. This is approximately 10 days earlier and almost 1 mill sq km. more than the record minimum of 2007. Compared to the minimum of 2008, this year’s total ice area minimum is ca. 700,000 mill. sq. km. higher.

Although the total ice area in the Arctic has increased the last 2 years, this year’s minimum is still well below the average minimum of 1979-2006 by about 1.5 mill sq.

Investigations of the Greenland Ice Sheet freshwater discharges

A field expedition on board ‘Joturn Arctic’ into Sermilik Fjord on the southeast coast of Greenland was successfully completed on August 15th. Several outlet glaciers discharges freshwater into the fjord system, including one of the most rapid moving glaciers at Greenland - the Helheim glacier.

Real-time forecasts of the sea-ice in the Fram Strait

A high resolution model of Fram Strait (3.5 km) has been recently developed and is now running in a 3-day forecast mode since 14 August 2009. The model simulations provides forecasts of the ice edge locations, sea ice concentrations, ice velocity and ice thickness.

Open boundary conditions are provided by the TOPAZ3 model and atmospheric forcing by ECMWF. The main purpose of this effort, supported by TOTAL E&P, is to test and validate a sea ice dynamical model which include a parameterization of the particular dynamics of the marginal ice zone (MIZ).

Tomography buoys successfully recovered after one year in the Fram Strait

The DAMOCLES acoustic tomography moorings with source and receivers were successfully recovered today by Dr. Hanne Sagen, NERSC, and her team onboard RV Håkon Mosby.

The objective of this first acoustic tomography experiment in the Fram Strait is to develop new ocean observing systems for the Arctic Ocean.

Acoustic tomography data are used to estimate the mean temperature and current fields in the deep ocean. The Fram Strait experiment includes data from CTD sections, gliders and moored profilers.

Flere mulige oljesøl fra "Full City" observert ute i kyststrømmen

Det siste døgnet har to radarsatellitter kartlagt den norske kyststrømmen i Skagerrak. Flere større ansamlinger av olje som kan stamme fra havaristen ”Full City” er observert – hvorav noen er bekreftet av observasjoner fra Kystverktes overvåkningsfly.

Den Europeiske satellitten ”Envisat” har to ganger siste døgn kartlagt Skagerrak med sin radar mens den Kanadiske satellitten ”Radarsat” var over Skagerrak i dag morges.

Transpolar currents disappear in the Arctic Ocean under a doubling of CO2

1. Professor Ola M. Johannessen is leading a research group from the Nansen Centers in Bergen and St. Petersburg and Institute of Mathematical Machines and System Problems in Kiev, Ukraine which over several years have studied how radio nuclides such as Strontium (90Sr) and Cesium (137C) have spread and will spread in the future from Sellafield, atmospheric fallout from nuclear test bombings in the past and from sources in Russian Arctic areas. We have in press a 500 page book from this work spanning over a 10 years period which will be published by "SPRINGER" in the fall 2009.


Envisat kartlegger oljesølet fra "Full City" i Skagerrak

Den Europeiske miljøovervåkningssatellitten Envisat kartlegger utbredelsen av oljesøl i Skagerrak. Fortsatt er det en del olje ute i Skagerrak som kan drive inn mot land og ytterligere forurense Sørlandskysten.

Mindre enn 1,5 time etter at Envisat satellitten passerte over Skagerrak i formiddag hadde Nansen senter for miljø og fjernmåling i Bergen bearbeidet og analysert satellitt radarbildet fra Skagerrak. Bildet viser flere oljesøl langs Sørlandskysten, nær havaristedet og ute i åpen sjø i Skagerrak etter forliste av ”Full City” ved Langesund.