Scientific Data Management

Group Leader: 
Torill Hamre


About us

Strengthen FAIR data management in science by implementing services and systems for geospatial data using open standards and frameworks

Research Objectives

The overall objective is to develop and demonstrate scalable and customizable services and systems for exploration and exploitation of scientific data through open standard interfaces.

Core areas of research and innovation: 

  • Spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) for science, service and application development: Develop interoperable components of an SDI by enhancing and extending community accepted frameworks and tools. Establish an institutional data infrastructure based on mature components, following open standards and frameworks that support the FAIR data principles.
  • Data discovery, retrieval and visualization applications in SDIs: Use spatial data infrastructures following FAIR principles to develop value-adding services and web-GIS clients for targeted user communities.
  • Competence building in data management: Provide practical training in how to manage scientific data from initial planning to publication in open data repositories, and use of open standards for data access, processing and visualization.
  • Co-development of scientific software: Design and optimise workflows for integration, processing and analysis of multi-source data in collaboration with domain experts. Co-develop customised applications and services for collection of information and assessment of in situ observing systems.
  • Data and application security: Investigate information security for storing and manipulating geospatial data and implement best practices into data infrastructures, services and applications.


Name Area of Expertise
Frode Monsen non-research
Morten J. Stette
Tor I. Olaussen
computer science
Torill Hamre computer science


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