Ocean Modeling

Group Leader: 
Annette Samuelsen


About us

Performs research within modeling of physical ocean and marine ecosystem.

Research Objectives

The Ocean Modeling Group at NERSC performs research in modeling of physical ocean processes, marine ecosystem and data assimilation with applications towards operational oceanography, marine research, and climate research. Our research centers around the ocean model HYCOM with ecosystem applications (HYCOM-NORWECOM and HYCOM-ECOSMO).  In collaboration with the Data Assimialtion Group (https://www.nersc.no/group/data-assimilation-and-forecasting-group) the EnKF is applied both for parameter and state estimation in these models.


Navn Area of Expertise
Achref Othmani oceanography
Annette Samuelsen oceanography
Bjørn Backeberg oceanography
Çağlar Yumruktepe oceanography
Jiping Xie data assimilation
Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu


Agulhas Current meanders facilitate shelf-slope exchange on the Eastern Agulhas Bank

04.12.2018 - 15:15 Asle Wingsternes
Agulhas Current meanders are some of the largest events that take place in the Agulhas Current system. They have a large impact on the shelf circulation and...