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IMOS: Isfjorden Marine Observatory Svalbard

IMOS will support long-term synergistic cooperation between Russian and Norwegian scientists working in Svalbard by establishing a joint marine plankton observatory in Isfjorden.

Isfjorden is the largest fjord system in Svalbard, located in the dynamic transition zone between warm Atlantic and colder Arctic climate regimes. We will expand the existing time series on seasonal hydrography and plankton dynamics in ice-free Adventfjorden (since 2009) and seasonal ice covered Billefjorden (since 2001) with an observatory located in the mouth of Isfjorden close to Barentsburg and an observatory in the deep Karlskronadjupet, close to Longyearbyen.

Project Details
Project Deputy Leader at NERSC: 
Torill Hamre
Coordinating Institute: 
Project Status: 
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