ice thickness measurement

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DAMOCLES: Developing Arctic Modelling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Studies

DAMOCLES is an integrated ice-atmosphere-ocean monitoring and forecasting system designed for observing, understanding and quantifying climate changes in the Arctic.

DAMOCLES aims at reducing the uncertainties in our understanding of climate change in the Arctic and their impacts. The Arctic over the last 2-3 decades has warmed more than other regions of the world, and the sea-ice cover has decreased significantly in the same period. A first-order scientific and societal question is whether the Arctic perennial sea-ice will disappear in a few decades (or even faster, as predicted by some state-of-art climate models).

Project Details
Project Deputy Leader at NERSC: 
Hanne Sagen
Coordinating Institute: 
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Project Status: 
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