Data assimilation

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ACOBAR: Acoustic Technology for Observing the interior of the Arctic Ocean

Developing an integrated ocean monitoring and forecasting system combining acoustic tomography, gliders, measurements and ice-ocean modelling to improve the estimates of the heat, mass and freshwater transport through the Fram Strait.

The large gap in data from the Arctic Ocean introduce severe uncertainties in detection of temperature and salinity changes, understanding of ocean-ice interactions and in modelling of processes and climate. During the International Polar Year from 2007 - 2009 several new instruments and platforms for ocean observations are deployed and the collection of data is significantly enhanced. There is, however, little support and commitment to continue these observations after IPY.

Project Details
Project Deputy Leader at NERSC: 
Hanne Sagen
Coordinating Institute: 
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Project Status: 

Data assimilation for coastal zone monitoring and forecasting

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Ocean data assimilation systems for Godae

Cummings, J., mfl. Ocean data assimilation systems for Godae. Oceanography Godae special issue feature 22, 96-109 (2009).
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