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Global warming transforms the Arctic cloud cover

The Arctic is one of the cloudiest regions on the Earth. White carpet of clouds typically covers the Arctic during three quarters of year. In summertime, clouds reflect sunlight helping to keep the Arctic cool. In winter time, they capture and backscatter heat making the Arctic warmer than it could be under a clear sky. [img_assist|nid=93550|title=|desc=Figure 1. Historical variations since 1930 of the observed convective cloud fraction at the Wrangel Island station (redrawn from Chernokulsky and Esau, 2019).

GCloudl: Arctic clouds (Research Collaboration)

Global warming is rapidly transforming Arctic clouds. This collaboration documents the changes.

The final report for the Norwegian Research Council reserach exchange project on the Arctic Clouds [pdf]

Data sets [download] (Data set is free for noncommercial use).

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Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
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