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Magnusson, A.-K., mfl. Bølge-strøm interaksjon til nytte for oljeindustri. Final report, Contract JOP.09.07.3 - Norwegian Space Centre (2009). Last ned: WACUSAR_sluttrapport.pdf (1.83 MB)
Outten, S. & Esau, I. Bjerknes compensation and the multi-decadal variability of heat transports in the Arctic. Climatology of the high latitudes. Extended proceedings of the joint GCR and PEEX workshop at NERSC 29.09.2015 (2016).
Gutkneckt, E., mfl. Biogeochemical Modelling. ETOOFS Expert team on Operational Ocean Forecasting System - Implementing operational ocean monitoring and forecasting systems. (2022).