NorCPM1 and its contribution to CMIP6 DCPP

TittelNorCPM1 and its contribution to CMIP6 DCPP
PublikasjonstypeJournal Article
ForfattereBethke, I, Wang, Y, Counillon, F, Keenlyside, NS, Kimmritz, M, Fransner, F, Samuelsen, A, Langehaug, HR, Svendsen, L, Chiu, P-G, Passos, LG, Bentsen, M, Guo, C, Gupta, AK, Tjiputra, J, Kirkevåg, A, Oliviè, DJL, Seland, Ø, Vågane, JS, Fan, Y, Eldevik, T
TidsskriftGeoscientific Model Development
UtgiverCopernicus GmbH

The Norwegian Climate Prediction Model version 1 (NorCPM1) is a new research tool for performing climate reanalyses and seasonal-to-decadal climate predictions. It combines the Norwegian Earth System Model version 1 (NorESM1) – which features interactive aerosol-cloud schemes and an isopycnic-coordinate ocean component with biogeochemistry – with anomaly assimilation of SST and T/S-profile observations using the Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF).

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