Marine SAR analysis and interpretation system - MARSAIS

TittelMarine SAR analysis and interpretation system - MARSAIS
PublikasjonstypeJournal Article
ForfattereJohannessen, J, Hamre, T, Alpers, W, Espedal, H, Furevik, BR
TidsskriftAnnals of telecommunication
Antall sider655-660
NøkkelordIntegrated system, Land observation satellite, Oceanographic survey, Remote sensing, Sea state, Surface state, Synthetic aperture radar

In a marine coastal ocean monitoring and prediction system, multisensor in-situ and remote sensing observations (of coastal currents, fronts, eddies, upwelling patterns, internal waves, phytoplankton distribution, algae patchiness, oil pollution and high-resolution wind fields) need integration and combination with fine resolution numerical ocean models. Only via such integrated systems will realistic representation of the initial state be derived and properly utilized to provide reliable and accurate forecasts of, for instance, location of eddies, upwelling patterns, and high-concentration of toxic algae. The role of sar in such systems is addressed and characterized in terms of current status and further need for research and development. Use of synergetic remote sensing observations, in particular from optical remote sensing, is also considered in this context.

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