An intercomparison of large-eddy simulations of the stable boundary layer

TittelAn intercomparison of large-eddy simulations of the stable boundary layer
PublikasjonstypeJournal Article
ForfattereBeare, RJ, MacVean, MK, Holtslag, AAM, Cuxart, J, Esau, I, Golaz, JC, Jimenez, MA, Khairoutdinov, M, Kosovic, B, Lewellen, D, Lund, TS, Lundquist, JK, McCabe, A, Moene, AF, Noh, Y, Raasch, S, Sullivan, P
TidsskriftBoundary-layer Meteorology
Antall sider247-272
UtgiverSpringer Science (former Kluwer Academic Publishers)
ISSN0006-8314 (Print) 1573-1472 (Online)
NøkkelordAtmospheric boundary layer, Earth science

Results are presented from the first intercomparison of Large-eddy simulation (LES) models for the stable boundary layer (SBL), as part of the GABLS (Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment Atmospheric Boundary Layer Study) initiative. A moderately stable case is used, based on Arctic observations. All models produce successful simulations, inasmuch as they reflect many of the results from local scaling theory and observations. Simulations performed at 1 m and 2 m resolution show only small changes in the mean profiles compared to coarser resolutions. Also, sensitivity to sub-grid models for individual models highlights their importance in SBL simulation at moderate resolution (6.25 m). Stability functions are derived from the LES using typical mixing lengths used in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and climate models. The functions have smaller values than those used in NWP. There is also support for the use of K-profile similarity in parametrizations. Thus, the results provide improved understanding and motivate future developments of the parametrization of the SBL.

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