The Fram Strait integrated observing and modelling system

TittelThe Fram Strait integrated observing and modelling system
PublikasjonstypeBook Chapter
ForfattereSandven, S, Sagen, H, Bertino, L, Beszczynska-Møller, A, Fahrbach, E, Worcester, PF, Dzieciuch, MA, Walczowski, W, Wieczorek, P, Skarsoulis, E, Morozov, A, Dumont, D, Lee, CM, Dushaw, B, Hansen, E, Rohr, H
Refereed DesignationRefereed
BoktittelSustainable Operational Oceanography - Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on EuroGOOS 4–6 October 2011, Sopot, Poland

An innovative integrated observing and model system is under development to contribute to sustainable environmental monitoring in the Arctic, and in particular to improve the estimates of heat, mass and freshwater transfer through the Fram Strait. The ice-ocean model, multipurpose acoustic system, and the oceanographic components aredescribed, including examples of data and comparison of data and model.

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