Forecasting search areas using ensemble ocean circulation modeling

TittelForecasting search areas using ensemble ocean circulation modeling
PublikasjonstypeJournal Article
ForfattereMelsom, A, Counillon, F, Lacasce, JH, Bertino, L
TidsskriftOcean Dynamics

We investigate trajectory forecasting as an application of ocean circulation ensemble modeling. The ensemble simulations are performed weekly, starting with assimilation of data for various variables from multiple sensors on a range of observational platforms. The ensemble is constructed from 100 members, and member no. 1 is designed as a standard (deterministic) simulation, providing us with a benchmark for the study. We demonstrate the value of the ensemble approach by validating simulated trajectories using data from ocean surface drifting buoys. We find that the ensemble average trajectories are generally closer to the observed trajectories than the corresponding results from a deterministic forecast. We also investigate an alternative model in which velocity perturbations are added to the deterministic results and ensemble mean results, by a first-order stochastic process. The parameters of the stochastic model are tuned to match the dispersion of the ensemble approach. Search areas from the stochastic model give a higher hit ratio of the observations than the results based on the ensemble. However, we find that this is a consequence of a positive skew of the area distribution of the convex hulls of the ensemble trajectory end points.

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