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Magnusson, A.-K., mfl. Bølge-strøm interaksjon til nytte for oljeindustri. Final report, Contract JOP.09.07.3 - Norwegian Space Centre (2009). Last ned: WACUSAR_sluttrapport.pdf (1.83 MB)
Johannessen, J., Johannessen, O.M. & Sandven, S. Chimnies in the marginal Ice Zone. Proceedings from a workshop on Regional and Mesoscale Modelling of Ice Covered Oceans, October 23. - 27, 1989. Os, Norway, NERSC Conference Report (1990).
Guymer, T.H., mfl. Developing a European oceanographic satellite system. Report of the EuroGOOS Conference on operational ocean observation from space, Germany, 5-6 October 7-14 (2000).