The Nansen Center has during the last year lead or been involved in over 100 research projects at home and abroad. Among other things, we have coordination responsibility for the EU project “INTAROS”

(Integrated Arctic Observing System). This project has 49 partners from Europe, North America and Asia. We also have a central role in “COPERNICUS” (Arctic Marine Forecasting Center).

The Nansen Center is also one of ten partners for the Norwegian research project “The Nansen Legacy”.


Our research projects are financed mainly through the Research Council of Norway, the EU, ESA (European Space Agency), as well as basic funds from the Ministry of Climate and Environment. We also carry out assignments from industry.

In addition, financial support is received from local public and private actors. The Nansen Center is one of four partners in the Bjerknes Center for Climate Research, together with the University of Bergen, NORCE and the Institute of Marine Research.


Our scientific staff comprises experts from Professor to Post-docs in the fields of oceanography, meteorology, geo-sciences, mathematics, statistics, computer science and more.

Opportunities for students at Ph.D. and Master level are offered in relation to our research projects or through individual stipends.


Below you find the current open vacancies at the Nansen Center: