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The Nansen Center is an independent non-profit research foundation conducting basic and applied environmental and climate research.


23. March 2021 - 16:30

Our PhD candidate Fabio Mangini with the OSIRS group recently published his first paper! He worked on it together with Laurent Bertino (NERSC) and Jan Even Øie Nilsen (previously NERSC, now IMR), as well as other researchers from the Bjerknes Center and Sweden. They set out to investigate how sea... [read more...]

19. March 2021 - 14:15

Our Sea Ice Modelling group members Guillaume Boutin, Timothy Williams, Einar Ólason, and Pierre Rampal (NERSC & CNRS) recently published an article together with Camille Lique (IFREMER, Brest, France). They coupled the sea ice model neXtSIM to a wave model and present exciting results! Wind is... [read more...]

18. February 2021 - 17:00

Sergej Zilitinkevich: Photo by Igor Esau A prominent scientist, research coordinator, supervisor and just a friend for many of us, Professor Sergej Zilitinkevich passed away on Monday, February 15, 2021. At this age of 84, he was still a very energetic and clear-thinking scientist, playing a... [read more...]