Scientific Data Management

Group Leader: 
Torill Hamre


About us

Leveraging open standards for geospatial data and web services to provide virtual research environments to help scientists collaborate more easily

Research Objectives

Research objectives:

The overall objective is to develop and demonstrate scalable and customizable systems for exploration and exploitation of scientific data through open standard interfaces, for advancing knowledge and understanding of Earth’s climate system to the benefit of science, public sector, industry and the general public.

Core research areas:

  • Spatial data infrastructure (SDIs) for science, service and application development: Establish an SDI based on open standards for cloud computing that can be shared by members of the Nansen Group and collaborating scientists for joint scientific studies and by NERSC for service and application development and deployment.
  • Big Data processing and analytics algorithms and toolkits: Develop algorithms for processing and analysis of multi-source data adapting and enhancing state-of-the-art signal processing, machine learning, data mining and prediction techniques, such as noise reduction, Support Vector Machines, pattern recognition and multivariate analysis.
  • Data discovery, retrieval and visualization applications: Use the SDI, metadata/data services and toolkits to develop value-adding services and web-GIS clients meeting the needs of the targeted user communities, supporting multiple devices.
  • Data and application security (cross-cutting): Investigate information security for storing and manipulating geospatial data in the Nansen SDI and implement best practices into the infrastructure and its components.


Name Area of Expertise
Frode Monsen non-research
Morten J. Stette
computer science
Tor I. Olaussen
computer science
Torill Hamre computer science


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