Acoustic and Oceanography

Group Leader: 
Hanne Sagen


About us

Take a leading role in the development, implementation and scientific use of a Pan Arctic Ocean Observing System

Research Objectives

Carry out fundamental acoustic research for applications within sea ice research, oceanography, environmental monitoring, underwater communication and geo-positioning.

Carry our fundamental oceanographic research for improved estimates of the heat, mass, and freshwater fluxes and storage in the sparsely sampled Arctic region by combining direct measurements with numerical models. Acoustic remote sensing provides one of the few ways to observe the abyssal ocean.

Improve the understanding of small and meso-scale ocean processes and their importance for the large-scale ocean climate system by combining new observation technologies, platforms, and models.


Priority areas within research and  innovation: 

Carry out research in support of the UN Ocean Decade and SDG13,14, and following up the recommendations from OceanObs19 in line with the roadmaps from INTAROS and SAON-ROADS.

Development, implementation and operation of multipurpose and advanced ocean in situ observing systems including oceanographic and acoustic instrumentation.

Processing and analysis of data from the multipurpose observing system addressing a wide range of questions within climate and environmental research and assessments.

Exploitation of the multipurpose observing system using new and existing methodologies and techniques for analysis of passive acoustic, acoustic thermometry and geo-positioning.

Integrate observations from diverse observing platforms, community based monitoring, and model results for tailored products to different stakeholders using environmental assessmenst.



Name Area of Expertise
Espen Storheim
Florian Geyer oceanography
Hanne Sagen
Kjetil Lygre geo-sciences
Lisbeth Iversen other scientific field
Stein Sandven
remote sensing
sea ice


Smart Ocean 2021 survey cruise with KV Tor

19.11.2021 - 15:30 Espen Storheim
11 students and researchers from NERSC and the University of Bergen participated in a 3-day cruise to Bjørnafjorden south of Bergen and the surrounding area,...

Researchers and students working together to collect observations of the ocean and Arctic sea ice

14.10.2021 - 10:00 Henrike Wilborn
In June, our Acoustic and Oceanography Group organized a research cruise onboard the Norwegian Coast Guard Vessel KV Svalbard. Students and experienced...

All moorings in the Beaufort Sea rescued – under extreme conditions

12.11.2020 - 13:15 Henrike Wilborn
The mission to rescue moorings in the Beaufort Sea that had to be planned on short notice, has succeeded! All three moorings hold scientific instruments and...

Rescuing important ocean climate observations for the Coordinated Arctic Acoustic Thermometry Experiment (CAATEX)

30.10.2020 - 13:13 Hanne Sagen
Once again, the ice breaker KV Svalbard has set course for the Arctic Ocean. Onboard are NERSC researchers Hanne Sagen and Espen Storheim who plan to retrieve...

2020 summer research school cruise: Useful Arctic Knowledge

31.08.2020 - 10:11 Henrike Wilborn
In June, ten MSc students from the University of Bergen and the Western Norway University of Applied Science embarked on the coast guard vessel KV Svalbard to...

CAATEX 2020 research cruise: Measuring the Arctic Ocean temperature below sea ice with sound

05.08.2020 - 12:53 Henrike Wilborn
At this moment, the Norwegian Coast Guard icebreaker KV Svalbard is on a scientific expedition on the central Arctic Ocean with eleven scientists from...

Lyd skal ta temperaturen på hele Polhavet

12.08.2019 - 11:52 Lasse Pettersson
Forskere skal for første gang på 20 år igjen benytte lydsignaler til å kartlegge havtemperaturen på tvers av hele Polhavet. Kystvaktskipet KV Svalbard legger i...

Successful INTAROS cruise with KV Svalbard

27.08.2018 - 14:12 Asle Wingsternes
The INTAROS 2018 cruise with KV Svalbard has been successfully carried out. The operations were planned and carried out in excellent collaboration with KV...

Sjøisutbredelsen i Arktis er den nest minste siden starten med satellittobservasjoner i 1979

12.09.2016 - 16:02 Lasse Pettersson
Figur 1: Utbredelse og konsentrasjon av sjøisen i Arktis den 10. september 2016. Tilsvarende er utbredelsen av sjøisen i september 2015 (sort kurve) og i 2012...

EU invites the Nansen Center to negotiations on two prestigious Arctic projects

24.06.2016 - 15:43 Lasse Pettersson
Two large projects proposals to the Horizon 2020 Blue Growth - Demonstrating an ocean of opportunities call, respectively coordinated by and with major...