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New model simulations: Impact of algae content on the albedo and melting of snow on glaciers

The first physical model for the spectral ‘bioalbedo’ of snow, which predicts the spectral reflectance of snow packs contaminated with variable concentrations of red snow algae of varying size and pigment concentrations have been developed. The results have been published in the paper A predictive model for the spectral “bioalbedo” of snow by J.M. Cook (University of Sheffiled) et al., including Nansen Center CEO Prof.

Professor Sebastian H. Mernild appointed as Managing director

The Board of the Nansen Center has after an open application and thorough evaluation process appointed Dr Sebastian H. Mernild (43) as the Managing director. Dr. Sebastian H. Mernild.: Source: http://www.mernild.comDr. Sebastian H. Mernild.: Source: http://www.mernild.comIn agreement with Dr. Mernild he will start as the new Director of the Center from 1st December 2016.

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