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INDO-MARECLIM: Indo-European Research Facilities for Studies on Marine Ecosystem and Climate in India

INDO-MAREClim will capitalize on the NERCI infrastructure to facilitate and improve European Union co-operation with India in the research areas of marine ecosystems and climate, including the impact on the society.

INDO-MARECLIM capitalizes on the Norwegian institutional establishment, infrastructure and network of scientific cooperation built up India since 1998 around the Nansen Environmental Research Centre-India (NERCI) in Kerala, India. INDO-MARECLIM aims at facilitating and improving the co-operation between the European Union Members States and Associated Countries and India and includes partners from UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway, involved in research topics of relevance to India.

Project Details
Funding Agency: 
European Commission
Coordinating Institute: 
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Project Status: 
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