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IceMotion: High resolution sea-ice motion from Synthetical Aperture Radar using pattern tracking and Doppler shift

IceMotion will provide new SAR-derived sea ice motion data based on combined use of
feature tracking and Doppler shift data for research and monitoring in ice-covered Polar seas.

Sea-ice motion is an essential variable to observe from EO data, because it strongly influences the distribution of sea-ice on different spatial and temporal scales. Ice drift causes advection of ice from one region to another and export of ice from the Arctic Ocean to the sub-Arctic seas. The proposal will exploit Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data from Sentinel-1and Radarsat-2 for sea ice research and prepare for operational use of Sentinel-1 data. The main objective of IceMotion is to develop new SAR-derived sea ice motion data with high resolution (ca.

Project Details
Funding Agency: 
Research Council of Norway
Project Deputy Leader at NERSC: 
Mohamed Babiker
Coordinating Institute: 
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Project Status: 
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