2015/S 009-011322

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OSITAC WITS: Copernicus OSITAC Wind, Sea Ice and Temperature at the Sea Surface Service

WITS will provide operational (Level 3 and 4) observational multi-mission data products derived from upstream satellite earth observation (L2) data. These data products include important sea surface temperature (SST), sea ice and wind variables.

The Ocean and Sea Ice Thematic Assembly Centre (OSI TAC) as an integrated part of the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMS) is operated by a consortium comprised of the partners that successfully delivered the OSI TAC service in the MyOcean, MyOcean2 and MyOceanFollow-On projects. The partnership has world-leading expertise in delivering operational services for the marine users, as well as in the associated product and system development.

Project Details
Funding Agency: 
Mercator Océan - Copernicus Marine Services
Coordinating Institute: 
Norwegian Meteorological Insitute
Project Status: 
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