South China Sea

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SeaFINE: Eddy-resolving South China Sea reanalysis

SEAFINE (SEAMOS-South Fine Grid Hindcast) is an Oceanweather JIP (Joint Industry Project) for development of wind, wave and 3D currents hindcast on a fine grid of the southern part of the South China Seas.

Terra Orbit AS provides 3D currents hindcast based on a data assimilative configuration of the HYCOM model. The model includes the following goodies:

- Nested configuration from a Indo-Pacific 1/3rd deg model to a 5-km high resolution model in the South China Sea.

- High-integrity SeaFINE wind forcing from Ocean Weather Inc. (QuickSCAT based)

- Tidal forcing at the boundaries of the nested HR model.

Project Details
Project Deputy Leader at NERSC: 
François Counillon
Coordinating Institute: 
Ocean Weather Inc.
Project Status: 
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