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Arctic climatic temperature amplification in the addressed in two resent papers in Tellus

Nansen Center scientists in Bergen and St. Petersburg have in two resent papers in the Tellus addressed the climatic temperature amplification in the Arctic, analysing respectively surface air temperature records and atmospheric modelling simulations results.

Investigating the possible causes for the recent warming hiatus

The IPCC stated in their latest assessment report that the global warming hiatus was attributable in roughly equal measure to natural variability and reduced trends in external forcing. A detailed study involving over 2000 years of model simulations has demonstrated that according to the Norwegian Earth System Model, there is no evidence that forcings errors play a significant role in explaining the hiatus. These results has been addressed in two papers lead by Nansen Center scientists Drs. Stephen Outten and Peter Thorne recently published in Journal of Geophysical Research.

Doctoral dissertation: The circulation of the Norwegian Sea - An investigation from space and ocean

Nansen Center scientist Roshin Pappukutty Raj has defended his doctoral degree at Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen on studies of the circulation of the Norwegian Sea using observations from space and in the ocean.

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