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Professor Sebastian H. Mernild appointed as Managing director

The Board of the Nansen Center has after an open application and thorough evaluation process appointed Dr Sebastian H. Mernild (43) as the Managing director. Dr. Sebastian H. Mernild.: Source: http://www.mernild.comDr. Sebastian H. Mernild.: Source: http://www.mernild.comIn agreement with Dr. Mernild he will start as the new Director of the Center from 1st December 2016.

Prof. Stein Sandven - the new Managing Director of the Nansen Center

Manging Director Stein SandvenManging Director Stein SandvenThe Board of the Nansen Center has in its meeting today unanimously appointed Prof. Stein Sandven as the new Managing Director of the Center. Sandven has been employed at the Nansen Center since its foundation in 1986 and has among others held the positions as leading scientist, research director and managing director.

Professor Stein Sandven appointed as Managing Director

 Managing director Stein SandvenManaging director Stein SandvenThe Board of the Nancen Center has appointed Prof. Stein Sandven as Managing Director for the Center. He takes over the position after Prof. Peter M. Haugan who has resigned from his position.

Prof. Sandvens fields of research are within oceanography, sea ice studies and remote sensing. He is coordinating several national and international research projects. He was also the Managing Director for the Nansen Center during the years 2010 and 2011.

Professor Stein Sandven konstituert som administrerende direktør

Adm. Direktør Stein SandvenAdm. Direktør Stein SandvenStyret for Nansenssenteret har konstituert Prof. Stein Sandven som administrerende direktør. Han overtar stillingen etter Prof. Peter M. Haugan som har selv sagt opp sin stilling.

Prof. Sandvens forskningskompetanse er innen oseanografi, sjøisstudier og fjernmåling. Han er koordinator for en rekke nasjonale og internasjonale forskningsprosjekter og har tidligere vært Administrerende direktør for Nansensenteret i perioden 2010 - 2011.

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