Interoperable web GIS services for marine pollution monitoring and forecasting

TitleInteroperable web GIS services for marine pollution monitoring and forecasting
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHamre, T, Krasemann, H, Groom, S, Dunne, D, Breitbach, G, Hackett, B, Sørensen, K, Sandven, S
JournalJournal of Coastal Conservation
Date Published04/2009
PublisherEUCC-The Coastal Union/ Springer

This paper presents services and systems developed in the FP6 InterRisk (Interoperable GMES Services for Environmental Risk Management in Marine and Coastal Areas of Europe) project, which addresses the need for better access to information for risk management in Europe, both in cases of natural hazards and industrial accidents. The overall objective of the project is to develop a pilot system for interoperable GMES monitoring and forecasting services for environmental management in marine and coastal areas. This pilot system is based on established and widely adopted web-GIS standards, in line with INSPIRE recommendations. The pilot is comprised of, among other things, a portal and a web-GIS map viewer, both developed using open source tools. Providers using commercial tools adhering to the adopted standards, however, can also deliver products to the InterRisk pilot. The InterRisk services and system are based on a combination of free and commercial software, and have been demonstrated to end-users in three European areas: Norwegian, UK and Irish waters, and German and Polish waters. Products and services offered in these areas are presented, along with an outline of the technical development of web-GIS clients and portals.

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