Analysis of passive acoustic in situ observing systems in the Arctic Ocean using ARCMAP

TitleAnalysis of passive acoustic in situ observing systems in the Arctic Ocean using ARCMAP
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsLygre, K, Hamre, T, Monsen, F, Olaussen, TI, Sagen, H
Refereed DesignationRefereed
Conference Name6th Underwater Acoustics Conference and Exhibition
Series/Publication Title Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics
Number of Pages070018
Date Published10/2021
Conference Location and DateVirtual Meeting
Type of WorkConference proceedings
Keywordsacoustics, Arctic, metadata, obervation systems, ocean sound, Oceanography, passive acoustics

The Integrated Arctic Observing System project has conducted a survey of Arctic in situ observing systems and in situ and remote sensing data collections. Based on questionnaires from this survey we have developed ARCMAP (, a user-friendly web system for collecting and maintaining information about Arctic in situ observing systems and data collections. The information is stored in a database allowing easy generation of statistics, for example on spatial and temporal coverage, parameters observed and targeted application areas, nationality of owners, funding sources and periods and maturity of data storage and management. We have extracted information about systems observing ocean sound and located in the Arctic. We also compared with other repositories of metadata for acoustic observing systems. The AR-CMAP database currently has 11 occurrences of systems containing ocean sound and provides assessment information, e.g. on data storage, in addition to basic metadata, e.g. location and time coverage. This study focuses on sustainability of the observing systems, and it is found that the typical system is focused, project based, funded at the national level and has non-advanced routines for data storage and management, in good agreement with the common view about Arctic observing systems.