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The Nansen Center is an independent non-profit research foundation conducting basic and applied environmental and climate research.


5. May 2021 - 15:30

This upcoming September, a workshop on climate predictability in the North Atlantic-Arctic sector is planned and the registration is open!   What? Are you working with climate predictability in the North Atlantic-Arctic sector? Then you should consider signing up for this workshop to share... [read more...]

3. May 2021 - 11:30

Last month a new project has started, with several of our NERSC researchers involved. The "Scale-Aware Sea Ice Project" (SASIP) will run for six years, with international partners in France, the US, the UK, Italy, and Mali.   SASIP is being led by Pierre Rampal (Centre National de la Recherche... [read more...]

23. March 2021 - 16:30

Our PhD candidate Fabio Mangini with the OSIRS group recently published his first paper! He worked on it together with Laurent Bertino (NERSC) and Jan Even Øie Nilsen (previously NERSC, now IMR), as well as other researchers from the Bjerknes Center and Sweden. They set out to investigate how sea... [read more...]